Brahms is approximately 18 inches tall. His head is sculpted from Paperclay, arms and legs are made from  Flumo. Sculpted parts are painted with acrylics and pastels. Torso is made of linen fabric, stuffed with wood shavings and steel shots. The hair is made of  mohair locks attached with acrylic medium. Brahms’ clothing is made of silk batiste and silk velvet. His shoes are made of leather. All clothing is stained with coffee and acrylic paint. All pieces are removable. 

Brahms comes with a toy horse, which is made from paperclay.

The chair is not included.

The doll is not meant for play. It has to be displayed seated with back support, away form moist conditions, high heat and direct sunlight.

Brahms. OOAK. 18 inches.