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My name is Veronika Lozovaya, and I am a Russian-born mixed-media doll artist currently residing in the state of Kansas, USA. I have been making dolls since 2013.

My dolls are articulated, with clay heads, arms, and legs, and a textile torso. Some of my dolls are ball-jointed. Articulated art dolls are unique in that they are mixed-media, three-dimensional pieces of art that provide an interactive experience for the viewer. They can be touched, held, and posed in a variety of ways.

I sculpt my dolls from paper clay. Once the dolls are sculpted, I move on to painting them with acrylic paints and pastels. For the hair, I use goat mohair. When it comes to outfits, I prefer delicate cotton and silk fabrics.
I carefully select fabrics, lace trims, buttons, and embellishments to ensure that they are in scale with the doll.

Once the outfit has been completed, I age and distress it to give it a vintage feel.

Dark Alley Dolls can best be described as little children with large heads and small bodies. Their faces are ghostly pale and carry a hint of sadness. There is a mix of both cute and dark elements in my work, and this contrast is a fundamental part of my style.

Being a product of a dysfunctional childhood, I have always been drawn to the darker side of life. Doll-making has become a form of self-therapy that has helped me work through difficult emotions I was not safe to express as a child.

As a chronic illness sufferer, I have faced numerous challenges in pursuing my passion. Fatigue, pain, and depression have often stood in the way of my artistic journey as well as my daily life. However, despite these obstacles, I hope to continue to create and share my art with the world.
Living with a chronic illness can be incredibly isolating, but the support from those who appreciate my work and welcome my dolls into their homes has been a source of comfort and motivation to push myself and keep growing as an artist.

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