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My name is Veronika Lozovaya. I was born in a small town in Russia.
My family and I currently reside in the state of Kansas USA.


My passion for creative work came at an early age. I have always been making things for as long as I can remember.
I discovered dolls as an art form in 2011 and made my first doll in 2013.

Art doll is a multi-medium three-dimensional object and one of the most interactive forms of visual arts. Creating a doll is a long process involving sculpting, painting, sewing, shoe making and wigging.
I sculpt my dolls out of paperclay, then paint their faces with acrylics and pastels. For their outfits I like to use light weight cotton fabrics silk and lace. It takes 3 to 6 weeks to complete one doll.

I describe my style as Gothic. 
Dark Alley Dolls are little children with large disproportionate heads; creepy yet innocent faces, adorably sweet, yet dark, and somewhat disturbing. They are entirely inspired by my own childhood experiences. 

I pay great attention to detail in my work; however, I never strive to create a complicated piece that looks perfect in every way. I want my dolls to tell a story and make you feel.

I am a chronic illness sufferer. Fatigue, pain, and crippling depression have been big obstacles in my artistic journey as well as in my daily life. In spite of that, I hope to be able to continue improving my skills and see how my work evolves over time. 

I am grateful to have my dolls find homes in different parts of the world.

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